Technologies and Projects

Epistemic technologies allows to work with real problems of people and groups where there is no decision yet. Epistemic technologies of Shiffers Institute ensure the development of industry, science, education and society in Russia and abroad.

About Institute

For over 15 years, the Institute is engaged in the development of large corporations, regions, and also participates in development projects at the Federal level.

The Institute was established in 2004 by humanitarian and methodological research group of Yury Gromyko, leading its development in Russia since the end of 1980-ies. This is both a consulting company and think-tank.

The scientific tradition of the Institute dates back to the Moscow methodological circle (MMC) by G. P. Shchedrovitsky, teacher of Yury Gromyko. A number of research programs of the Institute dates back to the development Director of Psychological Institute of RAO, Vasily Davydov and theatre and film Director, philosopher Eugene Shiffers - the Institute is named of his honour .

Shiffers Institute

123242, Moscow, Konyushkovskaya lane., building 2, office 207, 2nd floor, left wing.

Tel.: +7 (495) 220-91-33