Strategic consulting one of the main areas of work of the Institute from the first day of work. Two main types of clients: Federal and regional authorities, as well as corporations and technology companies.

Shiffers Institute has expertise and long experience in the development of strategies and programs of development of various sectors, taking into account territorial specifics and attracting a wide range of external partners.

Programs and strategies are developed for regions and authorities as a whole and for individual sectors: education, social services, industrial and agricultural policy, external relations, etc.

The development and implementation of new technologies and technological lines, strategy of personnel management and staff development strategies of the companies most important strategic decisions, the development of which the experience and assistance of the Institute of schiffers can be invaluable.

Main Services

  • - consulting session (organizational-activity games, strategic session stsenirovaniya, strategic session) adoption of internal and external solutions;
  • - analytical reports;
  • - consulting for decision-makers;
  • - introduction - the creation of teams for different tasks, training, development swargaputri, etc.