Youth are able to offer an ambitious agenda

Shiffers Institute has a long history of involvement in the design and implementation and various activities in the field of youth policy. The Institute is involved in various youth forums in Russia and abroad, declare the position of the Institute in addressing various international challenges from transportation infrastructure to education. The main idea of the projects developed by the Institute is that the young people can suggest ideas in different branches of industry, science and society, which can be implemented. Young people are able to offer a more ambitious development agenda and more courageous decisions that are not visible to decision makers, limited existing organizations, structures and way of thinking.

What we do:

- national forums;

- youth conferences;

- strategic sessions  for young people;

- youth educational games;

- negotiation platforms (for implementation of youth projects with politicians, corporations, and regional leaders); - executive coaching personal and professional development.

More information about projects you can find in the section our partners.