International net of experts

Shiffers Institute has a wide network of experts around the world. We attract leading specialists in various fields to develop common approaches to the international agenda. Over the past 10 years, the Institute has formed around himself a group of experts in the field of long term finance, infrastructure design, system engineering and innovation, urban studies, and philosophy and epistemology of political science and social Sciences. The Institute is a think tank for the development international project TRANS-Eurasian Belt Razvitie, which is supported by experts from the West (USA, Ireland, UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, etc.), and East (China, India, Japan, Malaysia etc.). Project Razvitie is an open platform to discuss and integrate different views on how to develop peace and international unit, which projects are priority, and what is happening with the world in the future 50 years.

The main products in the field of international projects include:

- international expertise of the projects;

- a strategic session with the participation of international experts;

- panel discussion, section of the international forums;

- international forums and conferences;

- analytical reports on a given issue.

More information and example projects you can find in section "Our partners".