• Moderator - managing communication within work groups sessions stsenirovaniya strategic, organizational simulation exercises, project schools (work with talented young people) and other events;

- Specialist and project manager in the following areas:

  • Educational projects: leading and teachers for project schools, educational sessions, educational forums and camps; developers in the field of innovative education and missiledefense pedagogy.
  • Consulting projects: professional support consulting projects of the Institute (technological and entrepreneurial projects, youth policy, policy advice, international activities).
  • the opportunity to participate in major industry and
  •  the opportunity to participate in major industrial and infrastructure projects
  • the possibility of entering the circle of international expert community the possibility of developing methodological competencies of high level

We are interested in finding talented people who are ready to work in development projects in the country. All candidates pass an initial interview and competency testing. The field of science and practice principle does not matter.


123242, Moscow

Konushkovsky pereulok, 2 - 207, 2d Floor