The main problem of development projects - high complexity the introduction of new technologies, engineering solutions to existing organizational activity system of the industry or individual enterprises. In this regard, many effective solutions remain within the framework of laboratory tests and do not pass the so-called "valley of death".

Shiffers Institute has 20 years of experience in the field of innovation management and support of technology throughout the lifecycle from design to operation, service and future upgrades or replacement of technology a new way.

Consulting in the field of “innovation management” involves the development of integrated solutions combining work:

- technology for optimization of engineering solutions, bringing to the product with defined marketing strategy; with production at the enterprise (the enterprises) to address issues of "painless" implementation of development in the existing systems;

- with the socio-political system to develop scenarios of interaction of various structures that ensure the necessary lobbying; in the formulation of necessary investment and financial schemes and instruments.

The methodology of the Institute's work allows you to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at solving all the above problems.

Main services:

  • consulting session (organizational-activity games,
  • strategic session stsenirovaniya, strategic session);
  • analytical reports; consulting for decision makers.