For over 15 years, the Institute is engaged in the development of large corporations, regions, and also participates in development projects at the Federal level.

Institute for advanced studies and human resource management in the name of Eugene Shiffers (Shiffers Institute or IAS) was established in 2004 by humanitarian and methodological research group by Yury Gromyko, leading its development in Russia since the end of 1980-ies. This is both a consulting company and think-tank.

The scientific tradition of the Institute dates back to the Moscow methodological circle (MMC) of G. P. Shchedrovitsky, teacher of Yury Gromyko. A number of research programs of the Institute dates back to the development Director of Psychological Institute of RAO, Vasily Davydov and theatre and film Director, philosopher Eugene Shiffers, the Institute is named in his honour.

Research and advanced development in the field of General and professional education, pedagogical technologies and skills development of the Institute was conducted jointly with the staff of the research Institute of Innovation strategies of General education development Department of education (NII ISAO) until it is reorganized into Moscow Institute of education development (MIRO).

Shiffers Institute today is a consulting company and think-tank, where its theoretical development combined with implementing them in actual practice. The Institute carries out projects in the field of strategic consulting for large companies and corporations, small and medium business; development and maintenance of state and regional programs of development of various sectors of the economy and society; the formation of strategies and programs of development of regions of Russia; development of innovative approaches to education; international politics and international projects.

The Institute developed a set of unique tools and products based on thought-activity approach. The main tool is the technology of Strategic scenario sessions (SSS).

SSS – is a special form of organization of collective thinking, communication, and processes-making solutions to key stakeholders, specialists, experts and decision-makers. The technology of SSS is the development of forms of organizational activity games (OAG), established in 1979 – 1989 by G. P. Shchedrovitsky and the Moscow Methodological Circle.

Consult the Institute's activities associated with the provision of services and performance of contract works on behalf of large domestic and foreign companies and corporations, public corporations, and authorities of Federal and regional authorities on the topics:

− Strategy and program development activities of companies and corporations;
− HR, human resource development, innovative education;
− Program management of technological innovation;
− Support for making complex decisions.

Research direction of the Institute's activities related to fundamental and applied research and developments in areas such as:

− Social and political philosophy,
− Political anthropology,
− The psychology and anthropology of abilities,
− Pedagogy and education system,
− Epistemology and knowledge management,
− Research public institutions.

The Institute also owns a number of educational technologies of its own design, passed successful approbation in Moscow education – technology metapragmatic, diagnosis, basic skills students, Chief Designer School (CDS) and others.

The Institute has its own expanding international expert network of the world's leading experts in the fields of modern Economics and Finance, philosophy, knowledge management, energy, transport, commercialization of innovative technologies, mathematics, art and other scientific or high-tech industries and practices.

The Institute is a developer of global mega-project "TRANS-Eurasian Belt development" (TEBR) – comprehensive project-programme for creation of centres of formation of new public wealth in the territory, based on integrated infrastructures ("multiinfras") and the mechanism of long-term investments. Megaproject TEBRR is considered as a complex program out of the unfolding global economic crisis.